A Life Changing Workshop based on the Philosophy of Louise L Hay – Author of You Can Heal Your Life

If you seek to know how you can change your life with self-acceptance and self-love leading you to access your own healing powers then this workshop is for you. The two day workshop is designed to give you an incredible experience of going deep on your inner journey and is an opportunity for you to experience carefully curated reflection exercises, meditations and visualisations, affirmations – all to create awareness bringing in tremendous insights and shifts.

You learn to let go of the past, release negative limiting beliefs which keep you stuck and limit you from achieving your dream life. 

Come and create a new life story for yourself.

This step-up journey to self love which is unending will help you to:

  • Identify and Release Negative Thought Patterns and Emotions
  • Uncover Negative Beliefs
  • Create a Thriving Mindset to Attract Abundance and Prosperity
  • Discover The Mind-Body Connection giving you deeper insights to your present health and how to become a Healthy You
  • Start the Process of Healing Your Inner Child
  • Understand Family Dynamics and Stress Responses Leading You on the Path to Harmonious Relationships
  • Letting Go and Cleansing Through Forgiveness Work
  • Ultimately Write A New Life Story.

“When we really love and accept and approve of ourselves exactly as we are, then everything in our life works.” 

Creating a vision board is a creative and tangible way to help you clarify and achieve your goals, aspirations, and desires. It’s a visual representation of your dreams and serves as a powerful tool for motivation and manifestation. Here’s how creating a vision board can be helpful:

1. Clarifying Your Goals: When you take the time to select and place images, words, and symbols that represent your goals and dreams on a vision board, it forces you to think about what you truly want in life. This process helps you clarify your goals and priorities.

2. Visualization: Visualizing your goals is a powerful technique to make them seem more attainable. A vision board provides a constant visual reminder of your goals, helping you maintain focus and motivation. It can make your dreams feel more real and achievable.

3. Motivation: Vision boards serve as a source of inspiration and motivation. When you see your vision board regularly, it can help boost your determination and drive, especially during times when you might feel discouraged or demotivated.

4. Positive Thinking: Creating a vision board often involves selecting images and words that evoke positive emotions and thoughts. This can contribute to a more optimistic outlook, which can help you overcome challenges and setbacks more effectively.

5. Prioritization: Vision boards can help you prioritize your goals. By selecting and arranging items on your board, you naturally give more prominence to the most important aspirations in your life.

6. Manifestation: Some people believe that the act of creating a vision board and focusing on it can help manifest the desired outcomes. While this is a subjective and metaphysical belief, the positive energy and focus you put into your goals can certainly influence your actions and decisions in a way that aligns with achieving those goals.

7. Accountability: Sharing your vision board with others or placing it in a location where you see it daily can create a sense of accountability. You may feel more committed to your goals when others are aware of them or when you’re constantly reminded of them.

8. Creativity: The process of creating a vision board can be a fun and creative outlet. It allows you to express yourself visually and artistically, which can be therapeutic and enjoyable.

Remember that while vision boards can be a helpful tool, they should be complemented by concrete actions and plans to turn your dreams into reality. A vision board is a visual aid to keep you motivated and focused, but you still need to put in the effort and work toward your goals because the Vision Board is just a reminder for the dreams you hold for your life.