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Learn Numerology Basics and Benefits – A Complete Guide

 Learn Numerology Basics and Benefits – A Complete Guide

Numerology Introduction

Isn’t just about changing the spelling in your name. It’s beyond that.
Every number in your date of birth and the number assigned to the alphabets in your name speak a lot about you.
The numbers speak a lot about the events which may have occurred in your life in the past and what are the years ahead indicating. With the awareness of what your numbers say, it becomes easier to work towards your true potential and your life purpose so that you live a happier and fulfilling life.

A detailed study of your charts is done to help you give deep insights on the various facets of your life like career, relationships, travel and relocation, health issues, relationship compatibility in business and personal relationships.
It is the study of the root numbers from 1 to 9 and 0 is not considered because it is infinite and whole, amplifying the energy of the number it gets attached to. There is a separate study of the fractional numbers like 13/4, 14/5, 16/7 and 19/1; the identical double-digit numbers called as Master numbers 11, 22, 33 and so on up to 99.

Every number has a personality and speaks differently in the position of its appearance in the charts.

In general, these are the traits of the numbers:

1 – New starts, independence, action, courage, innovation, risk taking

2 – Love, diplomacy, relationships, emotional intuition, tactical

3 – Creativity, communication, joy, optimism, self-expression, humour

4 – Stability, security, systematic processes, practicality, structure, foundation

5 – Freedom, adventure, versatility, change, progressive, sensuality, growth, abundance

6 – Home, family, duty, service, visionary thinking, responsibility, nurturing

7 – Spiritual seeking, specialisation, analysis based on data, intuitive thinking

8 – Empowerment, financial success, authority, management, control

9 – Compassion, unconditional love, wisdom, integrity, altruism, selfless service

11 – Intuition, illumination, idealism, charisma, healing, psychic, spirituality

22 – Manifestation, success through teamwork, value creation, intuition, logic

Some of the benefits of Numerology are:

• Self-help tool

It reveals your personal character and your life. The opportunities, joys, obstacles, and troubles arising in different phases of your life are indicated by your numerology cycles.

• Better understanding of self

A numerology reading is formed based on the numbers derived from your full name and date of birth. This gives a clear insight about your personality, attitude, preferences, and behavioural patterns. On knowing these, you will gain a better understanding about yourself.

• Identifies areas of opportunities

When you get a numerology consultation, you come to know about your areas of strength and opportunities.

• Short term analysis

You birth chart can indicate only long-term goals. However, numerology predictions can identify even the short-term events of your life. This in turn, guides you to make major decisions like buying or selling assets, job change, overseas opportunities and much more.

• Works on your karma

The numbers in your numerology chart are empowered to reduce the effects of your karma, thereby altering your destiny! This brings happiness in your life.

• Health and happiness

Health issues if any can be identified with the help of numerology. With its regular use, these issues can be minimised and/or avoided.

• Buying and selling

When assets are to be bought or sold for long-term investments, numerology can be explored to figure out the most suitable dates for sale.

• Career choice

Numerology becomes a guide for students and job aspirants. Students can choose the best career option for their growth. Job aspirants can apply to jobs in the field best suited for them and which gives them satisfied returns.

• Compatibility and relationship analysis

Everyone dreams of a happy married life, knowing their life-mate/other half. The same goes for business partnerships. You can be guided to have a flexible approach towards your spouse and partner with the help of numerology.

• Rectifies your planetary defects

The numbers in numerology relate to stars and planets of the universe.  Numerology readings and remedies can rectify the planetary defect in your birth chart.

• Predictions

Many of us have queries pertaining to mergers, acquisitions, marriage, and family etc. Numerology can give your effective predictions/forecasts regarding these.

To understand more about what your numbers say about you, reach us for a consult.