Livin' Hharmony

At Livin’ Hharmony, we believe it’s all about you!

You imagine that your thoughts are secret and no one would know them. Of course, they would have no external consequences because they dwell within your mind, away from the sight of others. But they dwell inside you and forge your inner character as well as your external personality.

Mind is like a beautiful garden, which can either be intelligently sowed and cultivated with positivity, just like fruits, flowers and vegetables are sowed or sowed with negativity like weeds.

Just like the gardeners, Livin’ Hharmony helps you to overcome your challenges by guiding you to cultivate your physical, emotional and mental gifts and fill your mind with rich and noble thoughts; while weeding out the

negative and debilitating thoughts that have a draining effect on your personality.

We do this by means of many wellness programs;

  • Holistic life coaching
  • One-on-one or group coaching
  • Powerful transformational workshops
  • Numerology consultations with remedies
  • Tarot coaching

Livin' Hharmony

Meet our founder


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What Our clients say

Shweta, Pune Experience with Prashant Jituri

The primary coaching session which I had with Prashant was indeed amazing and an eye-opener. Not even for a single moment did I feel like I was interacting with a stranger as you were quite open and present to listen to my challenges and actually knew what I was seeking. Thank You for all the reference material suggested.
Lastly, the meditation that you took me through helped me to listen and actually understand what exactly kept me stuck and what it was trying to convey to me. I’m indeed thankful for taking such an unconditional initiative and guiding me and many others like me. As you rightly said - “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. All the best to you.

Vidya, Bangalore Experience with Prashant Jituri

I wholeheartedly thank the cosmic intelligence and my divine source for blessing me with this opportunity to attend this two-day workshop. I had so much pain in me when I walked in and after two days of being in the workshop, I feel so much lighter and happier now after two days. All the tools and exercises in the workshop are so simple and I’m confident that by using them I can make many changes in my life.
Prashant - you were extremely kind and supportive throughout the workshop and I’m really blessed to be a student in your workshop.
Thank you for everything you did to take special care of each one of us in the workshop.