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 What Believing In Yourself Can Do For You?

Seldom do we think that it all begins with a little belief in our own self. Belief that we can create the experiences we seek in life changes everything for and around us.

The moment you start believing in yourself you are able to:

  • Become aware of your strengths
  •  Identify your ability to accomplish goals.
  •  You begin looking at life with optimism and you feel confident about the future
  •  You get to work by setting goals and plan the path to realize them.
  •  Deep down inside, your intuition changes from doubt of “WILL I do it?” to “I CAN DO IT”
  •  You become less critical about yourself·
  •  Self-motivation uplifts you and your perspective toward life changes
  •  You’re motivated to do things and get things done.
  •  You replace “HOPE with “FAITH”, no matter what.
  •  A feeling of being abundant and provided for surrounds you leaving you in a happy state
  •  With positivity and optimism surrounding you, you tend to become naturally magnetic, naturally attracting people towards you.

How would these make you feel?

Certainly, everyone around you – your family, colleagues, peers, business associates, customers etc will love to interact with you and spend time being in your company. You can enjoy these qualities of confidence and well-being on a daily basis?
Yes – a positive person is naturally attractive and magnetic because he or she sends out positive vibes. Everyone  around can feel this about you.
There are actions you can take to fortify your belief in yourself. Are you willing to create that for yourself.

No matter where you are at this point of time, you can always make a beginning. It is said that – “Yesterday cannot be undone; a wonderful tomorrow can certainly be created beginning from today”.

Would you be willing to bring a small change by taking these small steps in the direction of creating the new version of yourself. Read on:

1. Trust can move mountains – Confidence in your own abilities to get something done goes a long way in creating a new life. Know that you can be your own cheerleader. See small things which inspire you and make you happy thus encouraging yourself to get to your destination. It helps to break large tasks down into small achievable and doable errands. Anything external shouldn’t be bothering you because it takes a little effort to put a small step forward. The small steps are easy to take and all you need is to conserve you energies and focus on your destination.

2. Rather than simply dreaming, visualise what your ideal life would look like and make you feel. Whether it’s getting started with a new job, a new business venture or changing a career path, don’t just dream about it, rather visualise how you feel about being in the position you seek to be in; or the bathe in the feeling success in a new business venture. Visualise the steps and the actions you are willing to take to move closer towards your ideal life.

3. Invest on yourself. Invest on learning the skills, meet someone who you feel has already achieved success and someone whom you admire, spend quality time all by yourself because the “ME” time gives you deeper insights on knowing the pathway to achieving your goals. Each day read a few pages on the subject that can help you.
Where you come from doesn’t matter; rather what you create is what’s important. Always, the money you would make is insignificant to the life you wish to create because there may be more you seek for yourself like travelling, writing a book, spending time on a hobby etc.
Dreams with a focus on what you want for yourself in the future brings the inspiration to achieve them. Only when you believe in yourself, you will trust that you can make it happen.

4. Establish Discipline to go for the gold. Being disciplined is more important than making a beginning and letting it fizzle out with time. Believing in yourself is about honouring yourself and your commitment towards fulfilling your goals. Inner inspiration to do things; getting into the habit of achieving those small goals are active steps, which can be achieved with a lot of commitment and daily discipline. KEEP FOLLOWING THROUGH DAY AFTER DAY because a mile travelled each day takes you closer to the destination.

5. Honour yourself and Treat yourself well. Treating yourself with appreciation for those small things you achieve, nurturing yourself and understanding that you too are as deserving as everyone else is an important aspect of developing belief in yourself. Pamper yourself when you desire it. Celebrate small accomplishments. Treat yourself
with lots of love recognizing that others should treat you with respect and love. It all begins with you.

6. Re-create your high spirits and enthusiasm. When something drags you down and you feel low, take a moment to pause and introspect, what else could have been done in this situation to bring in desired results. Remember that, “success and failure” are just events and not permanent. Shift your focus consciously to an earlier successful story about the little achievements you made and imagine you getting back onto the same feeling by looking at things with a positive perspective because each experience is a lesson we learn. When you want to accomplish your tasks with excellence and achieve your goals, doing things differently always helps. Your true testament to your motivation is your own thinking. Dwell in momentum of positivity to fuel your motivation. You are your best teacher

7. When the going gets tough, replace hope with faith. Everyone faces a rough path in life at some point of time. With trust and belief in yourself, you can overcome the challenging phases – the core ingredients being a positive outlook and solid fortitude. You can still push yourself forward to take small steps during rough weather rather than completely pausing; you can move through the trying times and know that you can come out on the other side smarter, stronger and more confident of yourself.

8. Recognize the valuable rewards you have earned in the journey. Regardless of what you have gone through, know that every situation and every stepping stone was making you more skilful and you have made new roads at every stage of the life you’re currently living. Always remember the good all-around you and that’s what you keep attracting.
The LAW OF ATTRACTION always gives you what you focus on. There is infinite abundance for everyone in the universe. Why not focus on the abundance rather than dwelling in lack and complaining about it. The more you complain, the more you attract to be resentful about. Get the most you can from each moment. Be grateful for whatever you have in your life and see it amplify. Never let go off a moment to acknowledge the beauty around you and keep giving gratitude for everything.

Believing in yourself is one of the most powerful choices you can make. Know that You Always have a Choice and what You Choose makes the difference