Prasshant Jituri

Prasshant Jituri

  • ICF Certified Life Coach, Numerologist, Business Owner
  • - Livin Harmony

Prasshant Jituri, is an entrepreneur from a business background, having a rich experience of over two and a half decades in Ice Cream Manufacturing and Dairy Business. After having managed various facets of he was desirous of adding value and assisting people live a more happier and enriched life. It was his passion to take up training and coaching, to help people transform their lives to recreate their best life through transformational holistic workshops, one-on-one coaching and various other offerings.

Prasshant is a Certified NLP Practitioner, Dale Carnegie Certified Trainer and Reiki Practitioner, Angel Therapist, Internationally Certified Heal Your Life®️Trainer and Life Coach, Numerologist and ICF Certified Holistic Life Coach.

As people in present times are becoming more conscious about themselves and are choosing to make newer beginnings in their lives and careers, he too choose to foray into a new noble career with the intention of helping people recreate their lives.

Prasshant believes in working with clients who are eager to make positive changes in their life and are ready and willing to make healthy choices to move in the direction of achieving success in life. It is his passion to assist his clients and support them to be the finest version of themselves by achieving their life goals, overcome challenging situations while being in control of their live leading them to live a more fulfilled and empowered life filled with harmonious relationships, a successful career, vibrant health, emotional balance, enhanced self-esteem and a positive self image, unconditional self-love and acceptance, financial freedom. He facilities this transformation for his people through powerful workshops, life coaching, mindfulness practices, numerology etc.

For him, his true success lies in touching the lives of his participants and clients through facilitation and consistent support.

“Enjoy each moment of your journey of life. Know that by living with your passion you can make anything possible, and allow each moment of your life may be transformed by what you think, feel and speak.”

– Prasshant