2 Day HYL Workshop - Bangalore

If you’ve been thinking of ways to change your life, from where you are at this moment, and seeking to recreate the life of your dreams, comprising:


The reason that the knowledge about the happening of this workshop is coming to you, is just the answer to your prayers and the opportunity to bring the desired transformation in your BEING.
The universe is conspiring to help you move forward to achieve the life of your dreams and you’re just one step away. Don’t let any thoughts of lack stop you, because, you too are your own responsibility and you need to invest your resources in writing your growth story.
Are you willing to take the step forward by becoming the begetter of miracles in your life and being a part of this 2 day life-changing workshop.
We will assist you to connect to your higher-self and you will find all the answers you have been seeking, from within, in this workshop!

Offer Price – Rs.₹ 10,511/-